Robley Wilson Jr. ‘52, H ’87

Robley Wilson Jr. ‘52, H ’87, died on August 7, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.

When those in Sanford and Springvale village read Robley Wilson Jr.’s books, they sometimes feel they are reading about home.

Often, the short story writer, poet, and novelist would describe locations that seemed very familiar. He called the towns or the villages in his book by some other name, but often those who live here knew he was really describing this street or that neighborhood in Sanford.

Wilson, who was also a longtime editor of the North American Review, was born and raised in Sanford and went to Bowdoin College after graduating from Sanford High School in 1948. He told a reporter in 2001 that he quit college a couple of times, and worked at the Sanford Tribune, the forerunner to the Journal Tribune, during those periods, first as a proofreader and then as a reporter.

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