Jeffrey L. Beatrice ’82

Jeffrey L. Beatrice ’82 died of a heart attack on October 23, 2009, in Newton, Massachusetts, at his home.

He was born on June 6, 1960, in Newton, and prepared for col- lege at Newton Catholic High School. He worked as a self-employed CPA, but his true passion was children – the seven he had with his wife, three from his previous marriage and one his wife had before she married him, in addition to the athletes he coached and supported, and the kids he took in when they had nowhere else to go. He coached numerous sports for 20 years, and called the local sports games for pub- lic access television. His constant joviality belied the hardships he had faced. In 1986, he bought the home he grew up in and built a new house next door for his mother and older brother, who is blind. In 2006, he lost more money than he could afford on a plan to renovate an old fire station into an office building. In 2008, as his own family faced foreclosure, his mother’s house burned down, killing her and leaving his brother homeless, so he took his brother in. The stress took a toll on him. A lifelong asthmatic, he had been suffering a bout with pneumonia when he suffered a severe asthma attack that caused his heart attack. He is survived by his wife, Elinor Camp- bell Beatrice; his children, Kirsten Beatrice, Nicholas Cronin, Lauren Beatrice, Nicho- las Beatrice, Mackenzie Beatrice, Corrine Beatrice, Madison Beatrice, Curtis Bea- trice, Sydney Beatrice, Nathaniel Beatrice, and Sophia Beatrice; four brothers, Joe Beatrice, John Beatrice, James Beatrice, and Jerry Beatrice; and a sister, Jude Beatrice.