Katarzyna Berenika Winiarczyk ’89

Katarzyna Berenika Winiarczyk ’89 died on October 25, 2003, in Minneapolis, MN.

Katarzyna Berenika WiniarczykBorn on October 26, 1967, in Poland, she prepared for college at Winslow High School and became a member of Alpha Kappa Signa Fraternity at Bowdoin. She spent her junior year at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and, following her graduation from the College in May of 1989, was for some years a computer systems coordinator with Harmon Contract in Bloomington, MN. In later years, she was a structural engineer with AEC Engineering in Minneapolis. She is survived by her husband, Piotr Nasiadka; a daughter; and her parents, Bogdan and Zofia Winiarczyk of Winslow.