Alison L. Puth ’85

Alison L. Puth ’85 died on December 1, 2018, in Brookline, Massachusetts.

(The following was published in The Boston Globe on December 9, 2018)

Alison Leeds Puth Died unexpectedly though peacefully on December 1, 2018, at her home in Brookline, Massachusetts. Alison was born in Westport, Conn., and soon moved with her family to Pittsburgh, Penn. At age twelve Alison and her parents relocated to Winnetka, Illinois, where she attended North Shore Country Day School. Alison had great friendships and was a gifted student. She earned degrees in French and art history at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where she exhibited great talent as a photographer and excelled academically. Alison studied in France, both in high school and college. Alison had a deep commitment to disadvantaged children and others in need. She worked as a teacher and art therapist for at-risk children in Newton, Mass. She cared deeply for animals and provided generously for their welfare. She was particularly fascinated by the eaglets that were shown on live video at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC, for the past two years. She held strong convictions in matters of animal welfare, the environment, civil rights, politics, and rights of the underserved. Alison had an extraordinary sense of humor, and had an infectious laugh. Alison’s creativity was exemplified through her close-up photography of flowers and her life drawings. Her keen intellect was illustrated through a vibrant interest in the creative arts, film, especially foreign films, culture, fine arts, history, and music, for which her taste was wide-ranging and eclectic. In keeping with her family roots, Alison devotedly spent as much time as she could at the New Jersey shore. Alison was deeply moved by the natural world around her. She saw beauty in the sand, shells, and sea life, and found joy in every sunset and rainbow. She was the devoted mother of two rescued black cats, Moxie and Stella, whom she loved unconditionally. Alison was extremely thoughtful and generous with each member of her family. She doted on her five nieces and nephews and loved spending time with them. She is survived by her parents, John and Betsey Puth of Winnetka, Illinois; her brother David, his wife Leslie and their children Aydan, Colin, and Kira of New York, NY; her brother Jonathan, his wife Mira, and their children Asher and Annika of Washington, DC; and her uncle William Tait and his wife Carol of Tampa, Florida. They all miss and love her greatly, and will hold her memory alive forever.

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