C. Bernard Ruffin III ’69

C. Bernard Ruffin III ’69 died on May 4, 2019, in Reston, Virginia.

(The following appeared online at moneyandking.com in May 2019:)

Just as a day well spent ends in peaceful sleep, so a life well spent ends in peaceful death. Fell asleep May 4, 2019, C. Bernard Ruffin III, son of the late C. Bernard Ruffin, Jr. and the late Lillian Jones Ruffin; brother of the late B. Linda Ruffin; godfather of Cory W. Lucas; first cousin of Diane Jones Garland, Jeannine Jones Cosgrove, John J. “Jack” Jones, Anna Maria Polidoro, Jack V. Jones, Jr., Lewis S. Jones, Joyce Lovett, Robyn Lovett, and Paul J. Watts.

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