John D. Littlehale ’76

John D. Littlehale ’76 died on September 17, 2021, in Loveland, Ohio.

(The following was provided by his family)

Born and raised on the North Shore of Boston to Douglas Stoyle Littlehale ’49 and Barbara Grills Littlehale, John graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, and Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout his life he maintained a delightful enthusiasm for the things he loved–work, food, sports, current events, his family, pets, and friends. He was equally vociferous in his joys and his lamentations–get out of the way if his team lost! But if he was making a favorite recipe, best to gather round quickly before it was gone.

John lost a valiant and frighteningly swift battle with cancer. Two months before his death he was still working full time at a physically demanding job. All he wanted to do was come home and go back to work. The cheetah chasing him was too fast, and it was more than one strong man could bear.

He is survived by his wife of forty-one years, Gillian Ittmann Littlehale ’78, his son, Douglas, and his daughter, Rachel. His family, including his brother, David Littlehale ’79 (Gayle Froman), and brother-in-law, Robert Ittmann (Lila Lohr), were also at his side until the end. Joining them was Emily Fitzgerald, whom John dubbed his “extra daughter.”

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