Michael N. Pollet ’61

Michael N. Pollet ’61 died on January 18, 2021 in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. 

(The following was published on www.legacy.com)

Michael N. Pollet, Constitutional Law attorney, champion of social justice, passed away on January 18, 2021, in his beloved Berkshires, at the age of 80.  He was a champion of First Amendment rights and reproductive freedoms, an expert in libel law, and a fearless advocate for consumers, who argued before the Supreme Court, and never once lost a case. In that same spirit, he fought stoically and bravely against the insurmountable diseases that afflicted him.  In later years, even as illness predominated his life, he did The New York Times crossword in ink each morning, and read a book a day. He loved kibbitzing with his many devoted friends of more than 60 years, texting his grandchildren and playing internet Scrabble with his daughter Alison, never missing a day.

A golfer, tennis player, and Mets enthusiast (though only after the Dodgers left Brooklyn), he was a founding member of Rotisserie League Baseball and a member of a long-standing poker game. Elegantly sartorial in his dress, he loved driving his sportscar with the top down, 70’s music blasting; attending theatre, the opera and Tanglewood. He will be sorely missed by his wife of almost 57 years, Sybil, his children Alison and Jeremy, their spouses Lawrence and Julia and his three grandchildren, Teddy, Bess and Milo, who adore their Poppa.


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