Richard C. Mudge ’63

Richard C. Mudge ’63 died on January 21, 2021 in San Francisco, California. 

(The following information was provided by an alumnus)

Richard Mudge died in his sleep on January 21, 2021, in San Francisco, California.

No other information at this time.


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  1. Peter Grossman

    Dick was a fellow TD. I had not seen him in almost 50 years when we had breakfast in San Francisco. I hope that information will be forthcoming on his storied career as a consultant on a wide ranges of projects including the Golden Gate Bridge.

    I expressed an interest in Opera and Symphony. When I returned home to Delray Beach, I began receiving on a regular basis Playbills of every Opera and Symphony in San Francisco. He packaged them personally in brown paper and sent them on.
    Dick was a man of few words but an incredible intellect.

    I will miss him….Peter Grossman


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