Robert H. Pfeiffer ’67

Robert H. Pfeiffer ’67 died on November 29, 2019, in Solon, Maine.

(The following appeared online at on December 1, 2019:)

Rob Pfeiffer died peacefully at his home in Solon on Friday, November 29, 2019, at 74, surrounded by his loving family. His life was packed full of incredible peak experiences all of which involved relationships with other people. He was fond of saying that he never had a job—just a series of opportunities to spend special time with a variety of people and to try to work out some of the issues which might block someone from success. He would have enjoyed doing that anyway but then a check would appear. How wonderful!

Rob’s first work was as a Marine officer in Vietnam. He saw his mission as being able to send all his comrades home safely. One of “his” Marines was killed by friendly fire or he would have succeeded. His experience was so disappointing that he became a lifelong member of Veterans for Peace hoping to leave the world a more peaceful place than when he entered in 1945.

The rest of his life was spent trying to be a good father, husband, coach, counselor, and teacher in various settings on the East Coast. The relationships formed taking on challenges and using the sport in season as a vessel to capture values absolutely delighted Rob. This past summer, fifty five former Middlebury College lacrosse players gathered in Vail Colorado to play again with Rob as their coach. It was a very special time.

He leaves behind the love of his life, Julianna with whom he shared houses in Solon and Camden. They created Pfeiffer Counseling and Consulting in Camden and enjoyed years of working together. His daughters Sarah and Kate who taught him more than any graduate course in Psychology as he watched them emerge as strong, smart, beautiful women who are ready, willing and able to take on any challenge at any time and to do so with compassion and love. Their partners Mitch and Martin are wonderful additions to the Pfeiffer family. Mitch and Sarah have produced Maisie who has been the light of Rob’s eye. Loving brother Pete has been most supportive as Rob’s health has declined.

Ed note: Rob was also a 2017 Bowdoin Athletic Hall of Honor inductee.

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  1. Bruce Jordan '69

    Bob Pfeiffer: All-American athlete; Chi Psi president; Bowdoin multi-sport captain; his lacrosse stick was the size of a small tree; winner of the Wooden Spoon; Class president; an exceptional and warm smile. A young man of outstanding character and personality. Bob set the standard for what constitutes leadership for more people than we will ever know.


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