Albert M. Rogers ’51

Albert M. Rogers ’51 died September 10, 2014, in Rockland. He was born in Rockland on May 17, 1929. He contracted polio in second grade but recovered enough to return to school after several months. He went on to attend Fort Fairfield (Maine) High School and Rockland (Maine) High School. A member of Theta Delta Chi fraternity, he majored in biology at Bowdoin to prepare for medical school and later earned an MD and CM (master in surgery) at McGill University in 1955. He completed an internship at Maine General Hospital and a residency in orthopedic surgery at the Chelsea Naval Hospital in Massachusetts. He joined the Navy Reserve during the first year of medical school with the intent to apply for active duty at the end of his internship. He served to lieutenant commander, with assignments in Indiana and the Philippines. In 1965, he left the service and opened a private medical practice in Portland. He became ill with Guillain-Barre syndrome in April 1972, which left him partially paralyzed. Within two years, he could walk with braces, but he could no longer maintain his practice. He pursued the field of rehab medicine, which led to a position at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, Conn. in 1977. He worked at Gaylord for five years before taking a position as chief of rehabilitation at Waterbury Hospital, where he remained until his retiremement at the end of June 1985. He established a basement workshop at his home in Bremen and worked as a dedicated volunteer at the Owls Head Transportation Museum. He served as president of the Pemaquid Water Association and as treasurer of the Bremen Library. He is survived by Stephanie (Stevie) Lindquist Rogers, his wife of sixty years; sons Jeff L. Rogers ’78 and Scott; daughters Marcia and Cindy; and seven grandchildren.


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