Constance Louise Cranglemier Wight ’83

Constance Louise Cranglemier Wight ’83 died on July 12, 2007, in Sandown, New Hampshire.

Born on October 12, 1961, in Bangor, Maine, she prepared for college at East Grand High School in Danforth and attended Bowdoin from September of 1979 to January of 1981. Surviving are her husband, Edmund C. Wight; two daughters, Stephanie A. Wight and Cassie A. Wight of Sandown; her mother, Marjorie D. Crandlemier of Sandown; her father, Richard Crandlemier of Rickford,Vt.; a brother, C. Pitt Crandlemier; and a granddaughter, Madison P. Wight.