J. David Dunham ’54

J. David Dunham ’54 died on July 26, 2023, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

(The following was provided by the Baker-Gagne Funeral Home-Wolfeboro on July 27, 2023)

J. David Dunham died at age 91 on July 26, in his hometown of Wolfeboro, NH. He was born in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada and came to Wolfeboro with his family when he was a child, eventually becoming a U.S. citizen. David was predeceased by his parents Edwin Dunham, D.D.S. and Muriel Dunham, and by his sister M. Charmian Dunham, M.D. He is survived by his wife, Mary C. (Mimi) Dye/Dunham, and several nieces and nephews. He resumed his close friendship with Mimi Dye when she returned to town from a career at Yale. They first met as neighbors and friends when he was five and she was four.

David worked at Kingswood Press as a printer throughout his career. He was a line editor and critique reader for his wife’s book Assumptions Can Mislead and other publications including writings by Cope Murray, the well-known Tamworth Barnstormers Theater actor. As a voracious reader, he was a source for good literature for his family and friends.

David enjoyed raising Irish setters with his family. He was an extraordinary ice skater and played on hockey teams at Brewster Academy, Bowdoin College, the University of New Hampshire and the town of Wolfeboro. David also did some coaching. Skating from his family home on Wolfeboro Bay to Alton and back with his friends was as easy for him as the many hikes he took with family and friends.

Mimi and David remained in Wolfeboro and enjoyed travels south as well as to Nova Scotia, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

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