Jerry C. H. Carr ’74

Jerry C. H. Carr ’74 died on June 10, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(The following was provided by La Paloma Funeral Services in June 10, 2023:)

Jerry C. H. Carr ’74

We are sad to announce that Jerry Christopher Harrington Carr of Nevada has passed away.  After a medical emergency on May 10th, 2023, Jerry was hospitalized in the ICU and placed on life-support.  We found that after a full day in the ICU, Jerry was responsive and was soon taken off of life-support.  After a couple of weeks Jerry was then down-graded by medical necessity; had become responsive and cooperative to the proscribed treatments and therapies. Jerry had begun to communicate better; eat more and to walk a little. We were all quite hopeful for his recovery.  However, on June 9th, during an exam for a concerning matter, Jerry suffered another medical emergency and never recovered. On June 10th, 2023, after all lifesaving attempts were made by the medical team, Jerry Christopher Harrington Carr passed away.

Jerry Christopher Harrington Carr had many accomplishments; was very intelligent; had a remarkable sense of humor. Jerry developed excellent drawing skills as a young child while sitting in church with his mother on Sundays. His younger cousins looked up to him and he shared with them during his recovery that he was ready to return to Illinois where he made lots of friends, developed his great work ethic and began his career in helping others.

At the University of Chicago High school Jerry excelled and established himself as the one to succeed. Jerry worked very hard at those subjects that interested him. He was an Gothic artist of sorts, and very good at it too.  He attended Northwestern University where he eventually decided he’d serve and rescue others.

Jerry Carr served in the US Coast Guard, and eventually trained and served as a paramedic and fire fighter in Illinois. Jerry Carr eventually moved to Nevada where he continued his pursuit as a fire fighter and rescue team member; where he also matriculated to captain at the Clark County Fire Department. Jerry C. H. Carr loved being a fire fighter and retired a celebrated fire fighter from the CCFD.

Jerry lived an excitingly full and active life. He enjoyed and excelled in the martial arts in karate; enjoyed playing chess; a fine cigar and/or pipe tobacco; great conversations; and music.  He was a fan of the Chicago Black Hawks and the Chicago Bears.  He preferred the finer things in life, loved the family he chose and cherished the teams he served with on the front lines.

Jerry Christopher Harrington Carr leaves to cherish his memory: a host of loving cousins, career family, colleagues and friends. Jerry will be missed.

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