Sven O. Salin ’56

Sven O. Salin ’56 died on February 18, 2013, in Alvjo, Sweden.

He was born on the island of Wormsö (now called Vormsi) in Estonia on October 30, 1933. He moved to Sweden in 1944 with his mother and brother. His father was mobilized in 1941 in the Red Army and was taken by the Russians after they invaded Estonia, and his family never saw him again. Salin prepared for college at Södra Latin in Stockholm and attended Bowdoin on the Bowdoin Plan during the 1955-56 academic year, a member of Delta Sigma fraternity. He went on to earn a master’s degree in German from Stockholm University in 1959, followed by a doctorate in literature. He served as a public relations officer at St. Jacob’s Parish in Stockholm from 1959 to 1963 and taught high school at Huddinge Gymnasium in Stockholm from 1963 to 1971. He belonged to the late English Swedish Cultural Society SOV board and was its president for many years. After retirement, he worked as an adviser to the Swedish government and the Minister of Education on educational matters. He was awarded The President of the White Star medal in 2000. On May 31, 1958, he married Karin Carlsson, with whom he had a son, Johan, and a daughter, Kerstin.

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